Five Insider Experiences To Try On Your Next Trip To New York


With an abundance of dining, art, shopping and cultural options in New York City, it’s hard to know what’s hot today and where to go in a limited time frame. Now more than ever, travelers are looking to get away from traditional attractions and into the unique places that only locals and those in the know are privy to.

Localike New York is a new online travel service that curates custom itineraries based on user preferences, opening doors to exclusive VIP experiences, taking travelers away from the crowds to explore parts of the city unheard of in guidebooks. Here, its founder Andreas Leuzinger, shares five insider experiences to try on your next trip…

1. Glamping on Governors Island

Glamping by Collective Retreats

Glamping by Collective Retreats

Governors Island is one of New York’s best-kept secrets for a quick getaway. Located in the middle of the New York Bay, it is accessible via a five-minute ferry ride during the summer months. For the first time this year, guests can stay overnight in luxury tents with Collective Retreats. From $1,500 per tent for two nights, guests can enjoy the premium tents, high-end amenities and exquisite dining.

2. Key to Gramercy Park

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